Growth of a Community

I continue to receive messages that go a little something like this …”My family and I moved to Johnstown three years ago for the small town charm. Please stop all this development because it’s ruining what we love about the community.”

Just a few of my thoughts…

1. No one can stop development. People have the right to sell their property. The Village will guide growth. Can’t stop it. 
2. Never assume the farmland/vacant lot/scenic vista next to your property will remain as such in perpetuity unless (1) you own it or (2) a mastodon was found there. 
3. When you moved here, there were people (existing residents) complaining about you moving here. 
4. Take a look at the new homes being built OUTSIDE of the Village limits compared to inside. There isn’t much difference in volume. 
5. Think about all the wonderful things in life such as a baby, a puppy and trees. They all start small and grow to be great things. Community growth is part of life. 

Johnstown Village Council and administration is committed to controlling the growth that is upon us and what is knocking on the front door. We cherish our 200+ year history while looking years down the road to become what the greater community wants no matter if you’ve lived here 3 years or 30 years. No one voice shall be greater than another. 

As always…send your comments to I promise I’ll respond (eventually).

One thought on “Growth of a Community

  1. This growth of a community article is great! Straight to the point and honest. Open your eyes people our country is growing minute by minute.
    With growth comes more employment, new faces and new friends. Always gotta look for positive in a kinda negative situation. As always, thank you for what you do for our village Jim.

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