Village Council Passes Strengthened Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbance Legislation

At their June 2, 2020 meeting, Johnstown Village Council unanimously passed legislation that updates Section 509.03 Disorderly Conduct and creates Section 509.031 Disturbing the Peace.

The update, prepared by the Chief of Police in conjunction with the Village Law Director, is in direct response to resident complaints about loud and obnoxious vehicles traveling through the Village but pertains to many other disruptions to our community. The goal of the legislation is to better control noise and types of disruption to residents and businesses.

The legislation must ‘sit’ for 30 days after which it becomes effective. Click HERE to view the legislation.

6 thoughts on “Village Council Passes Strengthened Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbance Legislation

  1. For the record both the foul portion of this as well as anything pertaining to dogs will not be enforceable. The Supreme Court of Ohio has already ruled on dogs. They did it spectacularly by saying that cows say moo and dog say arf arf and that’s the natural order of things. (Feel free to look up the case law) Also the state of Ohio allows anybody with a quarter acre of land free-range chickens including roosters so those foul, will still be heard.


  2. Thank God! I live on N. Main and there are 2 motorcycles and a black truck that need to stop with the speeding and gunning their engines. It’s not cute. Nor is it funny, to act like a big shot! Just proves you level of maturity. Also complete disrespect to neighbors and our town!


  3. Thank Goodness, we have same problem on Edwards road , house across street from 159, those new people moved in and make all kinds of noise, trucks with big tires, motorcycles with loud muffler. It is annoying s. I fear for safety of children around here once skating and swim open soon. Someone got to catch them in action !


  4. I hope this helps. The only problem I have with it is no days are blocked out. It appears construction and other project noises can go 7 days a week. I thought there is a Sunday block on construction already. Thank you


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