Johnstown Fiber Optic Survey

This survey is meant to gauge interest by our residents and businesses as to the need for fiber optic access in the Village. Fiber-optic internet lines transfer data using modulated light instead of electricity, which gives them much higher bandwidth capacity, since they’re not bound by the physical limitations of electricity conducting through metal. FiberContinue reading “Johnstown Fiber Optic Survey”

Village Council Passes Strengthened Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbance Legislation

At their June 2, 2020 meeting, Johnstown Village Council unanimously passed legislation that updates Section 509.03 Disorderly Conduct and creates Section 509.031 Disturbing the Peace. The update, prepared by the Chief of Police in conjunction with the Village Law Director, is in direct response to resident complaints about loud and obnoxious vehicles traveling through theContinue reading “Village Council Passes Strengthened Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbance Legislation”


CHAMBER TO COORDINATE $100,000 FACEBOOK SMALL BUSINESS GRANTS The Licking County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with the Facebook New Albany Data Center, launched to help support small businesses battling through the current economic challenges. Facebook has provided the Chamber with $100,000, to be distributed as grants to localContinue reading “MAY 16, 2020 COMMUNITY UPDATE”


The Governor’s Office and Ohio Department of Health continue to advise us that social distancing is key to reducing risk of contagion of COVID-19. Large gatherings (more than 10 people) remain prohibited by ODH.  The Village of Johnstown will not hold its traditional fireworks on Independence Day, a decision that aligns with a joint announcementContinue reading “JOHNSTOWN INDEPENDENCE DAY FIREWORKS POSTPONED”


2020 CENSUS IS IMPORTANT!! A real-life example of why the 2020 Census is important:The federal legislature is currently debating H.R. 6467 which disperses $250,000,000,000 to local governments based on POPULATION. If our residents don’t respond to the 2020 Census, we could loose out on future funding. Please fill out your census here: Our current response rateContinue reading “MAY 5, 2020 COMMUNITY UPDATE”


The Village of Johnstown will follow the guidelines and policies enacted by Governor DeWine and Health Commissioner Acton. At this time, we have not issued any orders pursuant to our Village Emergency Declaration. We do not believe we will have to issue Village-specific policies based on current information.  Today, April 27, 2020, Governor DeWine announcedContinue reading “APRIL 27, 2020 COMMUNITY UPDATE”


We’ve completed the soil stabilization on Kasson Street – Phase 1. Soil stabilization occurs when lime is added to a reactive soil to generate long-term strength gain through a pozzolanic reaction. Lime substantially increases soil resilient modulus values (by a factor of 10 or more in many cases). In addition, when lime is added toContinue reading “KASSON STREET SOIL STABILIZATION”