2020 CENSUS IS IMPORTANT!! A real-life example of why the 2020 Census is important:The federal legislature is currently debating H.R. 6467 which disperses $250,000,000,000 to local governments based on POPULATION. If our residents don’t respond to the 2020 Census, we could loose out on future funding.¬†Please fill out your census here:¬† Our current response rateContinue reading “MAY 5, 2020 COMMUNITY UPDATE”

2.10.2020 Council Recap and Community Update

LEGISLATION FROM FEBRUARY 4, 2020  ORDINANCE 01-2020 was approved. This appropriated unused engineering and inspection fees from 2019.   ORDINANCE 02-2020 was introduced. This legislation is our new annexation policy. Any property that is annexed will be zoned RR-3 which allows agricultural uses as well as residential single family homes as 1 unit per 3 acres.  Continue reading “2.10.2020 Council Recap and Community Update”